Spot Festival

SPOT programme ready

- final additions include “Naked” and Who Killed Bambi.

SPOT Festival 2015 is complete. Added to the programme is “Naked” – a special project where Swedish piano virtuoso Gustaf Ljunggren accompanies four high profile vocalists, namely veteran singer Steen Jørgensen (of Sort Sol fame), internationally known Aura Dione (picture), Lord Siva and rising star Kill J in a low-fi, intimate setting.

Also revealed is Who Killed Bambi+ – a string group which is adding a new dimension to songs by soloists Pernille Rosendahl (Swan Lee, The Storm), Kristian Finne (Chorus Grant), Hannah Schneider, and Soffie Viemose (Lowly/Nanome).

Finally, pop/hip-hop/R’n’B inspired vocalist Solejma and her band has been added to the programme. See full line-up in the programme section.