Spot Festival

SPOT Bus for the German audience

This year we introduce a SPOT bus for our German audience going out Thursday April 30 and returning Sunday May 3.

In collaboration with Intro Magazine and FESTIVALGUIDE we offer you a combined travel and festival ticket at the price of €99.

Music lovers from the Berlin area (Leipzig etc.) will leave Berlin April 30, 09:00 hours from Alexanderplatz 7, Park Inn Hotel, while audience from the Hamburg area (Oldenburg etc.) must join the bus 13:00 hours from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, ZOB. The bus will arrive in Aarhus circa 18.30. The bus returns to Germany Sunday May 3 leaving at 07:00 in the morning.

For more information go to: http://festivalguide.myshopify.com/products/spot-festival-aarhus-2015-festivalguide-exclusive-limitierte-reise-ticket-angebot