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This is Kabul + Qamar

Øst for Paradis - Sal E


Qamar, an Iraqi transgender, is dreaming of becoming a woman in Denmark. Under the Saddam Hussein regime, Saddam personally gave Qamar a permit for a sex change, but the Iraq war stopped her dream. She flees the country, hoping to complete her journey in Denmark, but keeps running up against the Danish Healthcare System. Harassment from strangers and neighbors sends Qamar on a long mental deroute making the director Ida Marie take action in her own documentary.

Ida Marie Gedbjerg Sørensen | DK | 2014 | 53 min.

In Kabul, a small group of young women are fighting for equality. They are pioneers in one of the world’s most conservative countries. By doing all the recordings themselves, they are giving us three close self-portraits proving that there is hope. But like everyone else who lives in Afghanistan, they are also affected by the ongoing war. With their unique approach to documentary, Anders Sømme Hammer and Christoffer Næss have drawn attention to the fight for equal rights in Afghanistan.

Sadaf Fetrat, Sahar Fetrat, Nargis Azaryun, Anders Sømme Hammer & Christoffer Næss | NO | 2014 | 26 min.