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Life as an albino in Tanzania isn’t easy. The congenital pigment defect makes the sun a constant enemy. However, far worse, is the stigma from the surrounding society and the common belief that albinos are a thing of witchcraft. And for that, they are hunted down. Mashaka, the schoolteacher, and the 11-year-old, Abdul, have despite their fate gained the respect of their society, and are now an inspiration for others. An important and touching film from the young documentary talent, Josefine Gervang Heimburger.

Josefine Gervang Heimburger | DK | 2014 | 32 min.

Mugge, Søgaard and Nasser suffer from ALS and a liberating sense of dark self-mocking irony. Bound to their wheelchairs and their helpers, it can be hard, if not impossible, to find love – and sex. But that doesn’t stop the three friends made of skin and bones, as they embark on a road trip to Berlin, where partying, prostitution and sightseeing are plentiful. Skin and Bones is a warm and taboo- breaking tale of three fragile bodies consisting of three strong humans.

Michael Dinesen | DK | 2014 | 58 min.