Spot Festival



Musikhuset - Rytmisk Sal

Aarhus-based r’n’b collective hukaos. made serious strides on the Danish music scene in 2014, and so far 2015 seems to give the four productive core members Thøger Dixgaard, Louis Rustum, Tais, and Karl William even more momentum. At SPOT they will be presenting a completely new format where live music, video and visuals combine and add a new interpretive layer to the performance. Heimdals Sidste Vogter, the most recent project from the hand of rapper Kidd, will join hukaos. on stage, and each artist will be presenting new material as a part of their live sets. Behind the visuals are director-couple Rasmus Rørbæk/Ian Isak, and visual artist Sort Støj. Expect a soulful and sensual assault on the senses when the Hukaos project unfolds its wings for the first time ever.