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Baby + Allt vi delar

Øst for Paradis - Sal D


6-year-old Nadjaline’s mom suffers a great loss, when she loses her newborn baby. Nadjaline tries to comfort her mom, but when that doesn’t help, and she sees a baby stroller outside a shop, she knows exactly what to do. Events don’t pan out the way Nadjaline or the audience expects, when director, Camilla Ramonn, brings us up close and personal to the 6-year-old protagonist, who has to make things right for her mom, herself, and the little baby. Camilla Ramonn | DK | 2014 | 23 min.

Camilla Ramonn | DK | 2014 | 23 min.



Two gardeners, Samir and Sara, have to cut down a tree in a garden. And that’s about all that happens in this quiet and picturesque film by Jerry Carlsson. And then again… Why does the tree have to be cut down, and why now? It slowly dawns on Samir what tragedy the tree is the victim of. Jerry Carlsson shows great talent for the unspoken and the art of allusion which emphasizes the central taboo of the film.

Jerry Carlsson | SE | 2014 | 25 min.