Spot Festival

Intriguing newcomers and more established artists

We are happy to reveal 26 new signings for SPOT Festival 2015. In addition to completely new, fresh and exciting Nordic sounds, the bookers have chosen a few acts, that have already gained international attention:

With their modern take on 90’s stoner and grunge rock, Danish Baby in Vain have thrown themselves into a maelstrom of musical buzz which so far includes playing with guitar legend Thurston Moore, as well as getting rave reviews from Mojo Magazine and Intro Magazine. 22-year-old Asbjørn is known as an excellent performer of electro pop music – having toured Germany a couple of times by now and also making an appearance in the “Music Making History” 3D movie from Montreux Jazz Festival, which celebrates the late Claude Nobs.

Native Nils Gröndahl, who has got a reputation as a deeply personal performer on the saw and violin for Broken Twin and especially Under Byen, is now outing his new project. The same goes for Ena – the soft voice behind Fagget Fairys, who toured Europe from 2009 to 2011 with the hit song “Feed the Horse”. And psychedelic retro-rock-act The Wands played more than 30 concerts in Europe last year, mainly in the UK.

And there will more prolific music from the other Nordic countries as well. With their pulse-like beats, enchanting vocals, and haunting sounds Icelandic Samaris has taken Sonar, Berlin Music Week, Electric Picnic, and JaJaJa in London by storm. And already hailed as a ”master wordsmith” rising Finnish hip hop star, 20-year-old Noah Kin will be visiting SPOT 2015 too.

Further additions are: Av Av Av // Benal // BUDTZ // Chinah // Ana // Fae // First Hate // For Akkia // Kvindebandet // Lowly // Mendoza // Riddarna // Skammens Vogn // Skinz // Slaughter Beach // SVIN // Sweet Jesus 17 // The Entrepreneurs // Tidlige Armbånd // Unkwon.


So far 31 acts from this years’ programme has been released. Many more are to follow right up until the start of the festival. Have a closer look at – and listen to – the acts in the programme section.