Spot Festival

International responses to SPOT Festival 2015

Quotes from a number og international music industry and media guests about SPOT 2015

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Nabil Ayers, A&R-representative, 4AD, New York, USA
I was very excited about Yung. I saw a lot of other stuff which was low-key, so it was cool to hear a noisy guitar-based band. I also spoke with Av Av Av’s manager, they may be doing a remix of one of our tracks.

Joran Le Corre, WART Booking / Panoramas Festival, France
I’ve been to SPOT Festival twice, and I have to say; the festival is excellent. It’s well-organised, and only features talented musicians. One act, which could do well in France, is October Dance. They’re a very young disco-inspired band, with a fantastic attitude, and the lead singer has a perfect voice.

Klaus Fiehe, WDR Radio Eins Live, Köln, Germany
This was my 7th or 8th SPOT Festival, and it’s been three fantastic days. As always, I discovered interesting music – Lowly were overwhelming! They impressed me with their psych-pop and beautiful, colourful sound. They tell wonderful stories in only three minutes. Aurora is Premier League. And Kwamie Liv – I love her smooth voice. As usual, new names to follow in the future.

Frank Lenggenhager, Lautstark, Switzerland
I’ve been to SPOT Festival five times, and that’s because it’s an excellent opportunity for spotting new Nordic names, and for business and networking. Yung I found fantastically talented, and Chinah will be really good in a few years. I also enjoyed SOLEIMA.

Phil Waldorf, Co-founder, Dead Oceans, Austin, Texas, USA
I was really happy with Yung, I thought they were fantastic, and the best I’ve seen this year.

Tom Aldridge, A&R-representative, Parlophone Records, UK
Tyranaga Pyjarama was great, incredible show, so much fun to see, they were the best Friday. Saturday Sekuoia, Cancer and Baby in Vain stood out.

Simon Raymonde, Bella Union, UK
This was my third and best SPOT Festival. Everything was well organized, and the sound was excellent – that means a lot to someone like me. I saw many fine acts this year. Daniel Nordgren was a favourite – a very personal singersongwriter, who didnt try to be anyone else. Rangleklods were fabulous – and different. Yung were really good. So were The Entrepreneurs and Icelandic Mammut. And Lowly were unbelieveable! One of the best shows I’ve seen in year. Fantastic!

Carsten Schrader, U-Mag, Germany
This was my fifth SPOT Festival, and my favourites were definitely Av Av Av for bringing electronics into their songs. And Kentaur, with their soul-like electronic sound. I like the way they transform the electronic sound with violins, and such. Great outdoor area – and a really good networking area.

Magda Bunea & Mihnea Vlad, Nordic Mood / Nordisk Stämning, Rumænia
Our highlights have definitely been Mammút, but we knew them in advance. Add Fay Wildhagen and Eivør, who are also pretty well known, highlights of our Friday.

Mike Ajayi, AMF Records/Virgin, UK
Amazing experience. A very compact festival, with all venues close to each other. And good networking opportunities, both the facilities and the attendance. I really want to get to know this part of the music scene better. I’ve seen a lot of good and interesting bands. Friday I saw Yung, who are a really interesting act. AMF is a guitar-oriented label, so I was excited to see them.

Henning Dietz, Neu Management LTD, Germany
I saw Lowly friday night. I thought they were fantastic. Especially the drummer, who had a uniquie playing-style. I saw Hessismore, because we know the same people, and again I found them very different and interesting. Apart from that, I saw Blaue Blume, and met an excellent new band called Vampire Blow, which I will definitely check out again.

Robbie Morris, Matador, UK
I was here in 2011, which was great fun. I feel like there’s a more electronic vibe to the festival, which – like last time – is characterised by good venues and really good sound. Last time I saw Iceage – this time Yung impressed. Very energetic, very committed. But I’ve seen a lot of good stuff – and the atmosphere is great!

Angel Carmouna, Radio3, Spain
I’ve been here twice, and my impression is, that SPOT presents a LOT of different music. Last year the rainbow-concert – this time an aquarium concert. I am already wondering what you’ll surprise us with next year! Today I’ve gone from a planetary concert with an extraordinary symphony orchestra to punk. Wow! My only complaint is; I have a latin temper. Sometimes, I feel like the music tries more to be perfect, than to be passionate. But Lydmor, Maggie Bjørklund, D/Troit, Sekuoia, and Gooms have been exciting experiences, which I would like to present on my Nordiscos-programme.

Dean Bein, True Panther Records, USA
I have colleagues, who’s talked about SPOT, but this is my first year. I love it. I didn’t think it would be this good. Compared to by:Larm and SXSW, this is better and much more connected – it feels very focused. I am here to see a lot and listen a lot. And apart from Taragana Pyjarama, who I work with, a band like Blaue Blume were a positive experience. Not my taste, but their presentation was so good. And it’s fantastic to see a band you’ve never even heard of – playing a full venue and with a fantastic production.

Kieron Tyler, Mojo Magazine/The Line of Best Fit, UK
This has been the best SPOT Festival in four or five years. Maybe it’s just a feeling, but it seems like the city is much more behind the Festival this time. It seems more relaxed, more organic, and I am struck by how easy it is to get to everything, compared to a competitor like by:Larm. Maybe SPOT has cracked the code, when it comes to combining Danish and Nordic music. My favourites this time have been De Underjordiske, creative Swede Josefine Örn, and Norwegian Aurora – I mean, who couldn’t love her?

Dirk Steenhaut, Knack Fokus Magazine, Belgium
It’s my 12th SPOT Festival, and SPOT always makes me feel welcome. It’s like being part of a family. We have the same passion. There are always new things about the set-up which surprise me – that’s very typical for SPOT. And I’ve never been to a festival, where I haven’t found a name I’d wanted to follow closely. This year I’ve noticed Jacob Bellens – who isn’t new, of course, with his past in Murder and I Got You On Tape, but always great. Also Maggie Bjørklund, super steel guitar-player, and Blaue Blume, who are a bit heavy on the pathos for my taste, but are undeniably talented. Shiney Darkly, who always perform convincingly – and someone I just have to see. Finally, Cabin Project with Marie Fisker, who I respect immensely and will follow always, and Kira Skov, who also has great qualities. But the best was Saturday night with Daniel Norgren, Nils Göndahl and SVIN.

Steven Tallamy, The Music Sales Group, England/Denmark
It’s my first time at SPOT Festival. I think the festival is an interesting combination of business, festival and fans. And it works! There’s an great atmosphere, and the music has nerve. I was especially impressed by Black Horse, Shiny Darkly, and The Entrepreneurs.

Francine Gorman, Nordic Playlist, Nordic Music Export, UK
I actually can’t remember how many times I’ve been here, but it’s somewhere between two and four times. SPOT Festival is a festival with a great diversity of musical talent. Friday, I saw Susanne Sundfør and Blaue Blume, who I liked. Tonight, I look forward to seeing Kwamie Liv, Júniús Meyvant, Antonio Gram and Kenton Slash Demon.

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Photo: Lowly got a lot of attention and may be heading towards an international  record deal…(Photo: Christian Rosenlund).