Spot Festival

From the icy North – to fiery Hell!

SPOT Festival is delighted to announce 16 new acts. Three of the acts hail from the remote Nordic islands of Iceland and the Faroe Islands, and the rest are an enticing mix of both familiar and upcoming artists, and represent a wide range of genres.

From Iceland and the Faroe Islands, SPOT is very proud to present Low Roar, Eivør and Marius Ziska. Former frontman of Californian Audrye Sessions, Ryan Karazija, moved to Iceland in 2010 and created Low Roars self-titled debut album. The band has a melodious and acoustic dreamy sound, but isn’t afraid to incorporate electronic elements. Faroese Viking Goddess Eivør is a popular SPOT repeater, with a voice of rare beauty and power. Her ninth album, “Bridges”, covers a wide musical and emotional range with themes of love, freedom and nature. Marius Ziska, with his seven piece orchestra from the Faroe Islands, invites you on a musical journey in dreamy landscapes crafted from equal parts melodious rock and singer/songwriter talent. “Home/Heim”, his new album, will be released in April.

Amazing Swedes, soul-searing metal – and a Danish indie “supergroup”
Swedish quartet The Amazing, acknowledged by both Pitchfork and Stereogum, swing by SPOT Festival on their Scandinavian spring tour. Combining elements from rock, psychedelic and folk, they have just released their fourth album, “Picture You”. From Denmark, SPOT presents heavy metal band Solbrud – the great white hope of Danish heavy metal, with a sound guaranteed to drag your dark soul straight to hell. And the anarchic “indie supergroup” Gooms, consisting of Aske Zidore (Oh No Ono), Jens Ramon (Figurines), Suni Zacharis (Twins Twins) and Lasse Bækby Buch (Birthgiving Toad). It is almost impossible to define Gooms’ genre, but their debut album “Beyond Life” proves that avantgarde and pop are not necessarily incompatible entities.

Also playing at SPOT: D/troit//Förtress//Jonas Rendbo//Julias Moon//Lord Siva//MellemFingaMuzik//Patchanka//Sukker Lyn// Traveling Tribes//Vampire Blow.