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Aurora: “I can’t believe this is happening to me”

Norwegian singer Aurora impressed the audience with a spectacular performance. Her success is growing fast, and she is just about to kick off her worldwide tour in Europe and the US to promote her new EP available tomorrow.

By Gabriele Dellisanti, Jutland Station

She is only 18 and is set to become one of Norway’s top Indie-Pop exports. Aurora’s performance yesterday at VoxHall was incredibly powerful. Her voice was strong and her tunes incredibly catchy and melodic. She writes all the songs herself and could never believe she would achieve such popularity in her country and abroad this early in her life.

“The keyword for my life at the moment is strange,” she told us in an interview after her gig.

After performing one of her songs she felt so positively overwhelmed, she cried.

“You know, when more than 10 people come to my show, I still get really surprised.”

The performance yesterday started with her new song Warrior which will be included in her EP set to be released tomorrow. She mentioned how it was very nerve-wrecking to sing it for the first time in front of an audience, but we believe she truly nailed it.

After her final song, Aurora gave it all and let loose on stage. Photo: Gabriele Dellisanti

After her final song, Aurora gave it all and let loose on stage. Photo: Gabriele Dellisanti

When singing, Aurora slowly moves her arms in the air, like magically following the melody of her tunes. It is one of the ways for the audience to understand how she feels connected to her music.

“Honestly, I have no idea how it comes out” she told us, “it makes it easier to sing and all my songs come from deep within and it takes a lot of energy for me to sing them live.”

The last performance of the show was definitely the most powerful. At the end of the song Conquer she energetically danced to the beats, moving from one end of the stage to the other and involving the audience as much as possible.

Her performance at the Bylarm festival in Oslo last year led her to success. She plays multiple instruments, including the drums, piano and bass, and she writes all the songs lyrics herself.

Although she specifically emphasised that she does not want her music to be associated to specific genres, she describes her songs as “dark electronic and a bit organic.”

She started the gig by joking with the audience that her pants were itchy and ended it in the most captivating and engaging way. The crowd enthusiastically applauded and walked off the stage the stage leaving everyone with the feeling of willing to hear her sing over and over again.

The Norwegian singer is about to kick off her worldwide tour to promote her upcoming EP. She will be heading to Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, the UK and eventually the United States. Her debut album is set to be released in September.

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Gabriele Dellisanti is an Italian journalist currently based in Aarhus, and is a contributor at Jutland Station. Check out his Twitter profile here.