Spot Festival

Two outdoor venues – with free admission

With SPOT Festival 2015 featuring more than 200 concerts, there really is something for everyone this year – including the general public! SPOT Festival are delighted to open the metaphorical doors to two outdoor venues, with free admission for everyone until 19.00.

In the gardens in front of Musikhuset, Royal Unibrew and SPOT Festival invite you all to partake in SPOT Royal. SPOT Royal takes place in the large dome, and admission is free both Friday and Saturday until 19.00.

At the SPOT Royal dome, you can experience the semifinalists from KarriereKanonen, competing for a spot in the finals. Explore 6 exciting acts every day, between 15.30 and 18.30. Previous champions include The Minds of 99, Marie Key Band, Tue West, and Magtens Korridorer.

Official day parties at the Tak Rock!-scene
At the Tak Rock!-scene, you have the opportunity to kick-start your festival programme with exciting day parties. Friday between 14 and 17, local youths have chosen to present ANKAH, Oddhead, Zebu Zarina and Bye July. Saturday from 13, Thy Music Collective present up and coming bands from the north west of Denmark; Drengebande, Quick Quick Obey, Magnolia Shoals and The Entrepeneurs. Both days, local music venue Fatter Eskil take the lead from 17, presenting acts like Bunker, Eerie Glue, Retro Future and Lou Francis.

Not getting kicked out
After 19, admission is no longer free, but guests are welcome to stay, even without an armband. If you leave the area, however, you will need to pay for admission to be readmitted. In the Dome, artists like Xander, Amin Karami, Waqas, Kaaliyah, Ericka Jane, Isam B og Nonsens are playing Friday, and Saturday Mellemfingamuzik, Skinz, Benal, Sukker Lyn and Jonasforfanden are the musical soup de jour. Bon appétit!