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These are the must-sees at SPOT

Here are the bands and artists radio host Pelle Peter Jensen and DJ Le Gammeltoft think you should not miss at this weekend’s SPOT Festival.

By Marthe Vee, Jutland Station

With over 200 concerts coming up at this weekend’s SPOT Festival, choices has to be made. Therefore, we asked radio host Pelle Peter Jensen and DJ Le Gammeltoft to give their top picks for the festival, making the choices slightly less difficult:

Pelle Peter JensenPelle Peter Jensen recommend:
Pelle Peter Jensen is a radio host at DR P3, and is also doing a DJ-set at the afterparty for SPOT at Train on Friday:

First Hate (Friday 22.00, Radar)

Two romantic boys and a lot of keyboards. They sound like a mash up of Joy Division and Depeche Mode. Emo pop might be the best word to describe it. Sad but catchy songs that’ll make you an instant fan, just like they did with Trentemøller who brought them along on his latest Europe tour!

Kill J (Friday 22.40, Atlas)

While Mø is conquering the globe, we have the next cool girl in line for world domination. Her name is Kill J and she sings like a fairy. A fairy that likes hiphop and electro that is. She’s musically educated the classical way, but the music she makes is for the nightclubs. Imagine Missy Elliott mixed with the Knife. Nice.

AvAvAv (Saturday 22.45, Musikhuset – Rytmisk Sal)

Eloq, Dixone and DJ Er Du Dum Eller Hvad have all been turning up parties for the last decade or so by them selves. But when they left the city for a vacation together, they ended up making some tunes. Great ones. So great that Diplo & Skrillex got caught listening to AvAvAv in their studio some weeks ago. They just put put their debut EP, but even though they are magical on record, AvAvAv is a truly great live act and should be experienced so.

Kenton Slash Demon (Saturday 00.30, SCC Minor)

I’ve never been into techno really. It’s not that I hate it, it just never caught me. Except for when I saw Kenton Slash Demon play for the first time. Suddenly, music that seems boring to my ears, gets adventurous. These guys spices up the genre in ways that is just pure genius. Their sounds and melodies will grab you in a hypnotic way, and maybe just like me, you suddenly discover that you actually like techno, thanks to these guys (who are also 50% of another great band called When Saints Go Machine).

JonasForFanden (Saturday 23.30, Domen)

The Danish urban scene has experienced an explosion of new genres and artists for the last couple of years. Names like Hukaos, Kesi, Benal etc., will show you a good time at Spot. JonasForFanden will too! He’s know from the group Specktors, that always starts raves when performing. That energy combined with tunes like his current hit “Nar” will surely be a splendid way to start the party Saturday night!

legLe Gammeltoft’s picks
Le Gammeltoft is a former P3 radio host, a well-known DJ and the owner of the online radio channel Heartbeats.

Brynjolfur (Friday 01.00, Atlas)

He delivers house with a touch of acid, and always with a great amount of energy and presence. He is becoming notices world-wide, so he is one of those who is going to be big soon.

Anya (Friday 16.00, Musikhuset – Lille sal)

She sings like an angel. It is just incredible. Her career skyrocketed already after her first live performance.

HessIsMore (Friday 20.15, Musikhuset – Rytmisk sal)

One of my favorite bands from Denmark. They play really well together, and they always aim for letting completely go on stage, but they are all so experienced, that they remain in control – the sound is flawless.

Cancer (Saturday 17.45, Musikhuset – Store sal)

Melancholic and beautiful music. Nikolaj, the lead singer of When Saints Go Machine, has an extra-ordinary vocal.

Jutland Stations own recommendations:
But did not want to stop there, so Jutland Station will also give their own recommendations:

Hukaos (Friday 22.00, Musikhuset – Rytmisk Sal)

The Aarhus r&b collective Hukaos is on top of Jutland Station’s list of this year’s bookings. Karl William’s EP was named one of last year’s best Danish new music, and Thøger Dixgaard’s “Former” will probably be one of the well played songs on Danish radio. And if that was not enough, this Friday they are bringing in Heimdals Sidste Vogter, formerly known as KIDD, in a music/video collaboration. We do not know quite to expect, but we expect something big.

Aurora (Saturday 18.45, Voxhall)

The 18-year-old girl from Bergen, Norway, enchanted the Norwegian music industry over night when she did a show at the Oslo-based festival for newcomers, Bylarm. She writes and composed her own music, and her songs are small tales about fear, being lost, but also with a glimpse of hope. Her presence on stage is remarkable, the way she moves like a fairy from Lord of the Rings and sings like an early version of Lykke Li – you would not miss it for the world. Read our interview with the talentet pop musician, do it here.

Sekuoia (Saturday 21.00, Musikhuset – Rytmisk Sal)

The young Patrick Alexander Bech-Madsen is like a Danish Cashmere Cat, moving in an exciting electronic universe. Sekuoia has already played in Germany, France and the UK, and did a show in Aarhus only a month ago. On stage, they are even more exciting, bringing in instruments and a presence taking their music to the next level.

Samaris Saturday 21.30, SCC Minor)

The Icelandic electronica band Samaris has already several festivals in Europe, selling out a show at JaJaJa in London. The enchanting vocal and the pulse-like beats is bound to be one of the coolest experiences on SPOT this weekend.

Warming up for SPOT? Listen to Jutland Station’s own SPOT2015 Spotify list, to get an overview over the bands and artists playing at this year’s festival.
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Marthe Vee is a Norwegian journalist, and currently the culture editor for Jutland Station.

(Photo: Forst Hate)