Spot Festival

Streaming - Songwriters, Musicians & Managers Perspective


(INT.) Digitalization and streaming has become our primary source of music. The internet is unlikely to close down tomorrow. These facts don’t just create opportunities, they also create challenges. From the creators and the performers of music especially, there’s long been voices lamenting the lack of transparency, an uneven distribution of income, and a lack of attention to the working conditions that this, perhaps most essential, part of the music industry faces. Working conditions that ought to also concern publishers, producers, studio-musicians, and managers. The discussion is global in scope, and we’ve invited some of the leading voices to join us at SPOT+, for a talk on the working conditions facing the creating and performing artists.



Helienne Lindvall/The Guardian

Helienne Lindvall is an award winning professional songwriter, musician, and music and media writer for the Guardian.
Born and raised in Sweden, she moved to New York City in her early twenties where she lived for six years, working as a session singer, recording artist and performer – while developing her craft as a songwriter.


Crispin Hunt/FAC

Crispin is Chairman of Featured Artist Coalition and multi-platinum selling songwriter and producer working with artists such as Jake Bugg, Florence and the Machine, Ellie Goulding, Rihanna and Bat for Lashes.
He is Co-CEO of the Featured Artist Coalition and has represented creators on streaming, copyright, internet regulation, education and future models of music distribution etc.


Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt/IMMF 

Jake is the Policy Advisor to The International Music Managers Forum, an organization that brings together artist representatives associations from 24 countries. It represents managers and the artists they work for, creating better trading conditions through networking, sharing, and discussions. Jake also works as a rights specialist for artists and music copyrights.



Thomas Roscheck – marketing manager/Rockhal & Sonic Visions., Luxembourg

Thomas joined the Rockhal in 2007 where he is responsible for Marketing and Communications. Since its first edition in 2008 he also oversees Marketing and PR for Sonic Visions, Rockhal’s annual music conference and festival in Luxembourg. During these years he helped to establish both of them on an international level. Thomas has an M.A. in film science and a marketing background of more than fifteen years in the cinema, software and live music industry.