Spot Festival

Streaming VI - Streaming & Big Data


(INT.) Digital distribution of music provides valuable information about consumer behavior – Data, which was not available with physical distribution. And Big Data can be of great help to those looking to optimize the career of an artist. As an artist manager for e.g. Sleep Party People & Cody, Taagehøj never makes a strategic decision without consulting data. Learn from him how to convert Big Data to insight and inspiration.



Christian Taagehøj: Artist Manager (Sleep Party People, CODY and Slaraffenland) and musician. In 2013 Taagehøj worked in USA with the artist management companies We Are Free and Fort William where his interest for Big Data analysis and data based decisions was established. Taagehøj has a BA in Music Management and is currently studying a Master in Digital Innovation and Management at the IT University of Copenhagen with specialization in Big Data and New Business models.