Spot Festival

Networking event: MaMA reception - France's showcase festival & conference

SPOT+ Area

[INT.] The influential Paris-based music industry conference and showcase festival MaMA will be hosting a reception at SPOT Festival for the 2nd year in a row on Saturday 2 May from 17:00 – 18:00 at the new SPOT+ area at Radisson Blu Hotel.

Event coordinator Aziliz Benech (top picture) and Artistic Programmer Ségolène Favre-Cooper explain:

“… SPOT provides us with an excellent window for reaching out to the Scandinavian music industry. We are moreover looking for Danish bands in relation to a special project at MaMA 2015. Come join us if you have plans and ambitions for France, and we’ll also help connect you to the French delegation at this year’s festival…”