Spot Festival

Music & Branding 2: Partnershipcases



A string of real-world cases presented by Jesper Gadeberg (Music Stylist.com), Simon Singleton (FRUKT Fixers), Martin Buck (Volume) Michael Boie (Universal Music Denmark), and Susan Schwartz (Platinum Rye, New York).


13:00: Martin Buck & Johannes Andersson/VOLUME, Cph: Case:

I forbindelse med lanceringen af deres første album i 6 år, vil Mew lave en musikvideo sammen med fans fra hele verdenen. De dedikerede MEW-fans skal være med til skabe en musikvideo til nummeret ’The Night Believer’ fra albummet ‘+’, og arbejdsfællesskabet kommer til at foregå i app’en OneNote i Microsoft Office.

Kom og mød Johannes Andersson (Creative Director ved VOLUME) og Andreas Stahl (Marketing Manager, Office 365 Microsoft) til SPOT+ arrangementet: BRANDING+, hvor de vil fortælle om projektet og samarbejdet mellem Mew og Microsoft!

13:30: Susan Schwartz/Platinum Rye: Music and commercial campaigns!

Susan Schwartz from Platinum Rye will be speaking from a music supervisor’s perspective on the best way to get your music listened to and considered for commercial campaigns.

14:00: Michael Boie/Universal Music Denmark:

Michael Boie will talk about Universal’s overall work with Brand Partnerships on a strategic level, market trends, and concrete examples on value creation with different brands, such as Samsung, Telmore, and Danske Spil.  

14:30: Simon Singleton/FRUKT-FIXERS: Music Supervision Reboot – helping agencies to amplify through synch!

15:00: Jesper Gadeberg/Musicstylist.com: Walken & Cave – Jack & Jones! The term “sell out” is still very present from the media, and Jesper Gadeberg, the music supervisor behind one of the most “controversial” campaigns from the Danish music press establishments point of view, tells the true story behind the campaign. View the campaign here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmfmmRpa9OI

15:30: Round-up – Q&A


Moderator: Rasmus Hamann/KnowTheirName, Aarhus.


Susan Schwartz: Susan has spent the last 7 years running the music department at the global entertainment consulting and procurement firm Platinum Rye, which represent corporate clients such as P&G, Microsoft, Crown Imports, Citibank and various ad agencies, where she handles music supervision and licensing.

Simon Singleton – Music Editor @ FRUKT Fixers

Currently working for one of the world’s most respected music marketing agencies to work on a number of global projects for brands. I work within the FRUKT FIXERS team, on talent partnerships, sync deals, creative search and licensing, content creation, commercial partnerships and product placement. I also look after the music programming for FRUKT’s events, including our monthly music night THE FIX at The Social in central London, and oversee music editoria.

Jesper Gadeberg – Musicstylist.com

Founder of Musicstylist.com Gadeberg – Independent creative music researcher – licensing & agency music producer – is one of the world’s leading music stylists, assembling commercial soundtracks for firms ranging from American Airlines, Audi and Volvo to Guinness and Absolut Vodka. He developed his passion and knowledge of music while working in a record shop in Copenhagen. Over time, he realized there was a market for locating just the right sounds for commercials. He now specifies sound effects, discovering tracks and brokering deals between producers and artists from around the world, and much of this magic is performed from his beautiful cottage on the Danish coast! Jesper was the music supervisor for the Jack & Jones-campaign featuring Christopher Walken with the music of Nick Cave.

Michael Boie – Universal Music Denmark
Director, brand & partnerships

In 2006, Michael completed a Master’s degree in Marketing at Copenhagen Business School and has since 2009 worked as Business Development Manager at Universal Music Denmark.