Spot Festival

Music & Branding 1: Keynote, Jack Horner


(INT)  Music & Branding is the headline, when we focus on cooperation between brands and music through a series of best-practice cases – from both Denmark and abroad. Explore cases and meet people from FRUKT, Volume, Universal Music Denmark and Platinum Rye, New York.

Jack Horner kicks-off the BRANDING+ seminar with a keynote focusing on the results of their latest repor “Brands & Bands: The Value Exchange!” An in-depth look at how brands and artists value one another in today’s new partnership economy. In collaboration with Next Big Sound, a leading provider of music analytics and insights, FRUKT unpacks the real ‘value’ at the heart of brand and entertainment partnerships. Despite what some may think, it’s not all about cold hard cash and netting the biggest celebrities. There are a multitude of additional values that come in to play as part of the deal, and through qualitative and quantitative research this report showcases the extended benefits available for both artist and brand – some which will be revealed here.



Jack Horner: Creative Director and Founder of the FRUKT Group in London which creates strategic partnerships between brands and entertainment.