Spot Festival

MSP - Kvindebandet

MSP - Musikvideoer

Godsbanen - Remisen (gratis område)

VIAs degree programme Multiplatform Storytelling and Production (MSP) premieres new music videos featuring Astronaut, FAE, Jacobløberhjemmefra, Kvindebandet, Unkwon and The Boy That Got Away. The music videos are produced by 30 students during their 2nd semester on MSP. The premiere is open for everyone with a reception after the show.

VIA Multiplatform Storytelling and Production is a creative education which focuses on the interaction between different kinds of narrative across different digital platforms. The education takes 3 1⁄2 years and is located in the creative and professional environment in Filmby Aarhus.

30 students | DK | 2015 | 30 min. + reception