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Streaming IV - Musikken får for lidt


(INT) Youtube is the largest music provider in Denmark, but 500.000 streams pay less than DKK 1000 to those, who created the music. And that’s not enough, according to Niels Mosumgaard, Chairman of the Board at KODA, the Danish performing rights society, which represents 40.000 Danish composers, songwriters and music publishers.

Services like Youtube and Facebook take advantage of an EU-directive, to get away with paying nothing – or very little – for music on their digital platforms.

Come and hear Niels Mosumgaard and researcher Rasmus Rex discuss the political challenges of the fight for streaming-income, now and in the future.

Niels Mosumgaard
Composer and songwriter
Chairman of DPA – The Danish Songwriters Guild
Chairman of Koda -The Danish Collecting Society
Representing the Danish songwriters in the field of Popular Music in ‘APCOE COMMITTEE’ in the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance (ECSA)


Rasmus Rex Pedersen