Spot Festival

Between Music: Aqua Sonic

Between Music: Aqua Sonic - Opening Night Show 1

Godsbanen - Åbne Scene

AquaSonic neither looks nor sounds like anything you’ve ever come across before. On stage are five large aquariums, one for each musician. They take a deep breath, delve into the water with their instruments, and start playing. The woman behind it all is Laila Skovmand, who’s been experimenting with underwater music for many years and has developed a very distinctive soundscape. The instruments include Tibetan singing bowls, a carbon fibre violin, and a Zetiphone invented for the project by Matt Nolan, who’s previously invented instruments for Björk and Massive Attack. The final show will premiere in the fall, but at SPOT you can get an exclusive insight into what happens when you play music – under water.

NB: It will be possible to experience Aqua Sonic at SPOT Festivals three times: At the opening night on April 30th as well as a Friday May 1st at 17.00 and again at 19.30.