Spot Festival

Metalized, Headquarters and SPOT Festival present: The Hard Spot

Scandinavia’s oldest rock and metal magazine Metalized and the venue Headquarters have, in consultation with SPOT Festival, created a scene focusing exclusively on hard rock and metal.

On may 1st at 16.00 to 23.00 Headquarters will provide the venue to a concert series with six bands, showcasing a wide range of the Danish rock and metal scene.

Internationally, rock music is reliving its glory days, with sold-out concerts and airplay on the mainstream channels. Meanwhile, the alternative and progressive metal scene is flourishing nationally and internationally.

That is why the collaborators in The Hard Spot project want to present a wide selection of what the progressive metal and rock scene in Denmark has to offer in 2015, both new and experienced bands.

Admission is free for all with a SPOT ticket for friday or the whole weekend. Admission for all others is 50 DKK.

The Lineup for “The Hard Spot”:

Black Book Lodge
The Copenhagen-based stoner rock band positioned itself solidly on the Danish rock and metal scene with the release of the debut-album “Tundra” last year – now it’s time for the rest of the world. If the perfect marriage between stoner, progressive and alternative rock exists, then Black Book Lodge is the proof/example.
The band’s sound draws on their/its cold, misanthropic Nordic background, and could easily provide the soundscape to an active Icelandic volcano. The inspiration counts acts such as: Queens of The Stone Age, Mastodon and Opeth, as well as 16 Horsepower and Woven Hand from gothic Americana scene.

In the hometown of Aarhus, they have reached the status of legends. LISERSTILLE play uncompromising and theatrical rock. Pop-templates are completely disregarded. With a past in post-rock, the band has plunged into a sound which draws inspiration from prog-rock on the latest releases. Over the last ten years, LISERSTILLE has toured extensively abroad, and garnered high praise from Rolling Stone Magazine, among others.

Redwood Hill
Was formed in 2011. Since then, the Copenhagen-based band has continued to develop its unique approach to post-metal. Starting with the debut-album “Descender” released in 2013, and since with the followup “Collider” released at the end of 2014. The band has played several acclaimed concerts, including perfomances at Roskilde Festival 2012 and Copenhell 2014. The band has also played alongside high-profile international names such as Envy (JP), The Secret (IT) and Deafhaven (US), in addition to most of the Danish post-black metal scene.

Siamese is one of Denmark’s most prominent hard rock bands, with an extensive resume. The bands second album, “Breathe:See:Move”, reached the front pages of Mass Movement (GB) and FUZE (DE). In addtion the album reaped top marks in Metal Hammer, Scream Magazine, FUZE and Kerrang. The band won a GAFFA award for best hard rock album in 2012, and followed up the album with a releases in Japan and Europe as well as 150 concerts in 10 different countries.

The Interbeing
The Copenhagen-based industrial-metal band The Interbeing released the debut-album “Edge of the Obscure” in 2011. The album was received with high acclaim from critics and audiences alike, Gaffa gave it a five-star review and the comment: “…without a doubt the best Danish metal album I heard this year.” Furthermore Metal Hammer invited the band to play at their showcase at SXSW, and the album was licensed and reprinted in Japan. The Interbeing are ready to follow up on the succes with a new album and a perfomance at The Hard Spot.

“Whaddya want? Sweaty bodies? YOU GOT IT! Rock without additives? YOU GOT IT! A show you can dance, bang and fight to? YOU GOT IT!!! This shit ain’t rocket science, it’s just good old, tap your right foot, rock’n’roll with a badass attitude!”
– This is the battle cry of the booming Aarhus quintet TurboChild. With the latest singles ”Gimme Some” and ”Still My Love”, not five pots of piss are given for anything other than the love for an unusually punchy rock, that you will either love or hate.