Spot Festival

Accident, lost property and crowd surfing

During the entire festival the Civil Home Guard’s personnel will be available to offer first-aid assistance to festival guests, musicians, etc. If you happen to be injured or see someone in need of help, please ask for assistance in the nearest bar, or ask one of the many volunteers, or ask the staff at one of the festival stages. They will help you get in touch with the Civil Home Guard’s personnel.

If you have lost a garment, your cellphone, wallet, etc., please go to the festival accreditation in Scandinavian Congress Center. Lost property will be kept here during the festival. After the festival the remaining lost property will be temporarily stored at the festival secretariat office. After a couple of weeks, however, all lost property of value will be handed over to the police and the rest will be tossed out.

Stagediving, crowd surfing, moshing and similar activities are things that many people do not feel like being part of. It is dangerous and people do get hurt. Therefore such activities are strictly forbidden at all stages. If the guards see festival guests perform these activities, they will cut these guests’ festival wristbands and show them out of the festival area.