Spot Festival


SPOT Music

The SPOT Festival is supported by a huge slice of the Danish music world of rock, pop and related genres – all joining hands to back the festival.

The SPOT Festival has got four general objectives:

– To focus primarily on new Danish and Nordic music
– To bridge the gap between the artistic ambitions and the commercial potential of the music
– To support and develop the popular and artistic qualities of the music
– To contribute to the development of international networks through the exchange of concerts and cultural and commercial experience

The ambition of SPOT Festival is to create a promotional platform for Danish and Nordic music. The profile, line-up and scheduling are primarily dictated by the ambition to back new bands and artists who have the artistic level to do well internationally. The presentations include acts who make their debut at SPOT as well as more established acts who are deemed potentially interesting for either Danish or international labels, publishers, music business people as well as other parts of the cultural industry and media.


In 2013, SPOT Festival decided to expand and began to include a Film & Interactive element to the festival. The core of the festival remains the same: to create a platform for up-and-coming Nordic talents on the verge of a national and international breakthrough.

SPOT Film aspires to showcase and promote emerging Nordic film talents across all genres, as well as offer seminars, workshops and networking events that all aim to aid young filmmakers on their path to success.